A little philosophy of trumpet playing

Trumpet.academy presents: 5 part video series with Wolfgang Guggenberger Song & Wind: The principle of simplification Breathing – An Innate Process Practical Breathing Exercises To Join What is a flow study and how can I improve my blowing technique with this principle? How can I train a good breathing in everyday life? [dark_box] Subscribe to […]

Less tension when playing the trumpet

Most trumpeters are more or less tense when practising and playing. For many, it is just annoying and spoils the joy of making music. It also affects the quality of the playing and relaxation exercises often won’t do the trick. In the professional sector, many occupational illnesses are due to long-term chronic tensions and, for […]

Playing the trumpet more efficiently

How is it that some make music with great ease, while most have to make a lot of effort, are tense and are far from efficiency, despite good playing technique? The body always implements your wishes. If you want to drink a glass of water, your body will coordinate to stand up, then walk to […]

You should have a better playing posture!

A good posture is indispensable for ease of play, free breathing, harmonious movements and much more. While almost everyone thinks they know the right posture, almost everyone apologizes for unfortunately not having it. So if you secretly have a guilty conscience about your posture, your teacher tells you to work on it or you‘ve already […]

Interview with CanadianBrass

Free Newsletter: It was an exciting moment for me because CanadianBrass has been with me all my life. As a child, there were tapes of it in the car. Later I went to concerts, transcribed some arrangements (at least I tried 😉 ). Now, I sat at the table with the two trumpeters Chris Coletti […]

Interview with Matthias Höfs

In this interview I talk with Matthias Höfs (German Brass) about the importance of sound and how your sound can be developed.

Thinking in sounds

Interview with Wolfgang Guggenberger The german professor Wolfgang Guggenberger (Music University of Trossingen) talks about Alexandertechnique, Song and Wind, the power of thoughts, why we have to think like singers and the practical application of Song & Wind. *New: A little philosophy of trumpet playing – 5 part video series

Always be curious…

My latest interview with Anthony Plog. We talk about music, trumpet playing technique and aspects of performance. His new project is an online teaching and coaching program. People interested in having lessons or coaching can contact him at https://anthonyplog.com/

The Context of Performance Anxiety

At its core, performance anxiety is the fear of the opinion or judgment of others. Now, opinion is always dependent on relationships or the role you play. What kind of performance is it? Is it a classical concert? A jazz festival? A party? An audition? A competition? Where is it? In a concert hall? A […]

3 principles of highly effective practice

In this post, I want to talk about three “underground” principles of effective practice that most people are hardly aware of. Immediate feedback When you’re playing soccer, you can immediately see whether the ball hit the goal or not. The same is true with tennis, it’s either a winner or a fault. This immediate feedback […]