Have fun playing the trumpet with a reliable playing technique!

Are you interested in improving your trumpet-skills?

• Upper register, endurance, sound quality, musical expression?

• You think that the time invested in practicing should have a satisfying outcome?

• You are frustrated as some “gifted” can play easily – while you just won’t make improvements?

Then drop me a line, and we’ll see how I might help you.

Welcome to the trumpet.academy

My name is Daniel Forsnabba. I am a professional trumpet teacher and an Alexander Technique teacher based in Germany. I hope you enjoy being a guest at my blog and benefit both from the free instructions as well as the courses available on this site.

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Improvements don’t happen by chance! The sad reality is that if you’re hoping for a breakthrough but keep on practicing the way you’ve always done, you’ll become frustrated and won’t achieve the progress you want.

You can, however, achieve your goals, step-by-step, through an effective combination of skill and power exercises. In the following months, you’ll develop a solid understanding of everything you need to. You’ll become familiar with our exercises and see significant improvement in crucial elements of your playing.

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