Do you want to enjoy your trumpet playing more?

It’s true! You can develop a technique that you can rely on. By doing so, you can enhance your musical expression and experience more joy when playing. And here’s how…

Dear Trumpet Player,

  • Do you want to develop fundamental skills that will enable you to continuously improve?
  • Do you want to be able to rely on your technique and be worry free?
  • Do you want to develop your musical expression?
  • Do you want to learn how to play higher notes?
  • If you’re not happy with how your high notes sound, do you want to change that?
  • Do you understand that a new mouthpiece isn’t the solution?
  • Do you think that you need do something fundamentally different in order to get better results?
  • Do you feel that the time to change is NOW?

If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Just continue reading.

Trumpet Skill Building
Mastering the art of playing the trumpet

Improvements don’t happen by chance! The sad reality is that if you’re hoping for a breakthrough but keep on practicing the way you’ve always done, you’ll become frustrated and won’t achieve the progress you want.

You can, however, achieve your goals, step-by-step, through an effective combination of skill and power exercises. In the following months, you’ll develop a solid understanding of everything you need to. You’ll become familiar with our exercises and see significant improvement in crucial elements of your playing.

You’ll appreciate the logical structure of our video lessons, as well as the clear instructions and effective exercises. Some of the issues we’ll cover are:

  • The art of inner hearing, from basic play to melodic, expressive play
  • Free inhalation and breath support—the motor behind your playing
  • How to master the trumpet’s high register
  • Exercises for coordination skills
  • Effective power exercises for high notes and improved endurance
  • How to center your notes for flexibility and a beautiful tone
  • Total tonal control versus letting it happen, and why you need both
  • Flow studies for ease when playing
  • The Alexander Technique—how to find poise in playing
  • How to tongue faster and more precisely
  • How to phrase music beautifully
  • And more . . .

You’ll be able to access 12 video lessons that have clear and precise instructions. 3 hours video instructions, MP3 and PDF files will help you to speed up your learning.

YES, I’m in!

  • What is the ability to play the music you love worth?
  • What is the chance to develop a solid technique that you can rely on worth?
  • What is the opportunity to banish your fear of high notes worth?

For a limited time only your investment in this training is a one-off payment of $197 or three payments of $67 each.

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This course is for you if…

  • You want to improve your trumpet playing
  • You want to focus on making music rather than worrying about technique
  • You are motivated and ready to practice every single day
  • You are able to work accurately and independently

If you are searching for a magic pill, then good luck! This training isn’t for you.

100% money back guarantee

You’ll love this training. This precision method works for everybody who practices the exercises regularly. You can try our method for 60 days. If you feel that it’s not for you, just write me an email and you’ll get your money back—no hassle, no questions asked.

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What would it mean to you if you could rely on your technique and no longer worry about that high note at the end of the piece or other technical issues? Would you be able to express yourself better? In what orchestra or band would you like to play? Would you like to play principal or lead trumpet? Would you like to play sheet music more confidently? Then sign up today!

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