A good posture is indispensable for ease of play, free breathing, harmonious movements and much more. While almost everyone thinks they know the right posture, almost everyone apologizes for unfortunately not having it.

So if you secretly have a guilty conscience about your posture, your teacher tells you to work on it or you‘ve already developed symptoms like tension or pain, this article is for you.

I question, that we (can) know, what a good posture is. There is, however, a process of cooperating with your design – instead of imposing a “posture“ on oneself from the outside. This process can be consciously activated so that the body’s own coordination mechanisms can function optimally – for lightness and harmonious movements.

Then you might not have a “correct“ posture which you could check with a list – according to the motto “chin in, chest out“ – but you gain flexibility, dynamic uprightness and liveliness as a result.

We humans are whole. This fact is ignored time and again. So, if you believe that you should be different from what you are, then that thought will also be reflected in your body, because: every thought has its correspondence in the body.

If you think you should do something, then your body can only react to this subtle compulsion with firmness. As a result, you have no choice but to try to relax your shoulders or to control your posture, i.e. to try to bring the individual parts into a certain, seemingly correct position and to hold them there (=fixed).

The idea of “I should have a better playing posture.“ is therefore highly unconstructive in its nature and leads to static, “correct“ positions instead of dynamic liveliness.

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