Play trumpet with greater ease!

This webinar gives you proven strategies for improved coordination skills, leading to free breathing, better sound and more efficient play.

Dear fellow trumpeter:

These are crucial questions because they form the framework within which everything comes together: your technical skills, your musicality and your sound. It all adds up to the ONE factor that allows everything to fall into place.

This method was conceived by F.M. Alexander over a century ago. Since then, the Alexander Technique (AT) has been used by countless performers to improve their musicianship. Today, the method it is taught in many music schools and universities.

“Central to AT is the understanding that the way we do things – what Alexander called the use of ourselves – impacts our results.” – Cathy Madden

It’s all about how you coordinate your whole self to achieve your goal of making beautiful music. However:

The AT approach is a method to achieve the adequate coordination every single time. Your muscular tone will fit your task at hand. It helps you maintain flexibility and stability, so e.g. your breathing works as intended by nature. And more.

Your teacher

Cathy Madden is Principal Lecturer at the University of Washington School of Drama and Director of the Integrative Alexander Technique Studio of Seattle. She is author of the books

Cathys Alexander Technique (AT) training was with Marjorie Barstow (1899-1995), first graduate of FM Alexander’s first teacher training course.  The Alexander Technique community recognizes Barstow as one of 5 Leading Senior Teachers of the work. Madden began studying with her in 1975 and assisted Barstow in workshops in the U.S.  and Europe from 1980 to 1994.

Join the Live Webinar!

Wednesday, April 10th
7pm Berlin – 6pm London – 10am US/Pacific – 12am US/Central

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The 90min webinar will be recorded so if you can’t make it, simply watch the replay at your convenience.